A Product Recall

Melissa: This is a Disaster! If we have to Recall 100,000 units, we’ll take a huge Loss this year.

Lee: We have no choice. The Product defect poses a Safety hazard. If we don’t act quickly, we’ll have a huge Liability issue On our hands.

Melissa: I think we’re Blowing this out of proportion. Only a small amount of our June Product run was affected.

Lee: Yes, but even one case of someone getting hurt because of the defect would be a PR nightmare, and that’s On top of the charges of Negligence we’d have to face in court. We need To get ahead of this now.

Melissa: All right, all right. I guess we have no choice. Should we hold a Press conference to announce the recall?

Lee: We’ll send out a Press release first and then hold a press conference.

Melissa: I’m putting you in charge of it. Get it done.

Lee: You mean in charge of getting the press release sent out?

Melissa: I mean that and the press conference. You can face the press and answer their questions.

Lee: You’re Throwing me to the wolves?

Melissa: Not at all. I’m helping you Raise your profile In the company. You should be thanking me.

Lee: Somehow I don’t feel so Grateful.

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