Talking About Product Quality

Brenda: It’s fun shopping for a new cell phone, don’t you think?

Yoji: Sure, but I just need one with the Bare basics.

Brenda: Not me. I want one that’s Top-of-the-line. My old phone was Cheap and Flimsy, and it started Acting up after only a few months.

Yoji: I want something that’s good Quality, but I don’t think I should have to pay Top dollar for it, especially since I don’t need the Bells and whistles.

Brenda: The bells and whistles are the best part!

Yoji: I like this one. It seems Sturdy and it should last me for years.

Brenda: That is one ugly phone!

Yoji: I don’t care about its Looks. I just want something Functional and that won’t Fall apart.

Brenda: I’m not arguing for Style over substance, but that phone is Hideous.

Yoji: I’ll Get over it.

Brenda: Yes, but I’m not sure I will!

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