An Annoying Cell Phone User

Carl: I’m sorry, say that again. I couldn’t hear you Over that guy at the next table Shouting into his cell phone.

Stephanie: That guy is so Rude. We’re trying to have a Leisurely conversation over a cup of coffee, and we have To out shout some Inconsiderate jerk.

Carl: Do you think he realizes what a Nuisance he is?

Stephanie: I bet he doesn’t. People don’t seem to have any idea of cell phone Etiquette. Cell phones should be Banned from restaurants, don’t you think?

Carl: I completely agree. I don’t need to know the Intimate details of other people’s lives. I sometimes wish I had a cell phone Jammer. Like the other day, I was at the movie theater, and the woman sitting in front of me answers her cell phone and has a conversation during the movie!

Stephanie: I would have Kicked up a fuss or at least Shushed her.

Carl: I tried to shush her, but she Pretended not to hear me. I wish…[Carl’s cell phone rings]…Hold on one second. Hello, oh hi, Manny…

Stephanie: [Stephanie’s cell phone rings] Hello, yes, this is Stephanie. Oh hi, Leah. Oh sure. I can talk.

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