Getting Access to Restricted Areas

Security officer: Excuse me, sir, but this is a Restricted area. Only Authorized personnel are Permitted.

Carl: I just want to take a quick look. Is this really where the president will be speaking?

Security officer: I can Neither confirm nor deny that, sir. Please step aside.

Carl: What if I have Press credentials? Could I get in then?

Security officer: Only if you’ve been Screened by Security. Really, sir, I must ask you to leave this area. It’s Off-limits to you.

Carl: Couldn’t I just hang around and watch while people arrive? I won’t say a word.

Security officer: No, and if you Persist, I’ll have to have you Shown out.

Carl: I’m not causing any trouble. I’m an American Citizen and this is A free country! I can stand wherever I want to.

Security officer: Not on Private property. Jim, could you please Escort this gentleman Off the premises?

Carl: Hey, this is a Travesty! I’m going to file a Formal protest!

Security officer: You do that. Just do it off the premises.

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