Going Through Customs

Customs Officer: Your Passports, please. What is your Final destination?

Ozkan: Los Angeles.

Customs Officer: How long is your Stay?

Ozkan: We’ll be there for a week.

Customs Officer: What is the purpose of your trip?

Ozkan: I’m going there on Business and my family is Accompanying me on vacation.

Customs Officer: Who are you traveling with?

Ozkan: This is my wife Ayse, and these are my children, Mustafa and Omer.

Customs Officer: Are you bringing in any Restricted items? Any plants, fruits and vegetables, meats, or animals?

Ozkan: No.

Customs Officer: Do you have anything To declare?

Ozkan: We bought some Duty-free items in the airport. Here’s the receipt.

Customs Officer: That’s fine. Step over to the Exam station for Baggage inspection.

We opened our bags for inspection, and luckily, the inspector found nothing to Confiscate and we Got off scot-free. I’m really glad they didn’t find that cat we’re Smuggling in as a gift for my favorite podcaster!

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