Getting Mugged

Vanessa: Stop thief!

Police Officer: What happened?

Vanessa: I just got Mugged. That guy stole my Purse, Jewelry, camera – all of my Valuables!

Police Officer: Were you wearing Flashy jewelry and carrying an expensive camera? Those are big Enticements for muggers.

Vanessa: I didn’t have anything on that was flashy and I was Minding my own business.

Police Officer: Well, you should never go out alone at night, and if you have to, stay in Well-lighted areas. Traveling on Dim streets makes you a Target for thieves.

Vanessa: Thanks for that Insight.

Police Officer: Can you describe the person who mugged you?

Vanessa: No, it happened In a flash. I didn’t get a good look at his face, but I’m sure it was a man.

Police Officer: It’s a good thing you weren’t hurt. You should probably learn Self-defense in case it happens again.

Vanessa: Thanks a lot. I think I’ve had as much Advice as I can take in one night. Are you going to do anything to find that mugger?

Police Officer: Sure, I’ll File a report, but don’t Get your hopes up.

Vanessa: Believe me, I won’t.

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