Describing Facial Features

I was Mugged while I was walking home last night. This morning, I was at the police station with a Sketch artist to see if we could come up with a picture of what the thief looked like.

Sketch artist: Okay, you said that this was a man in his 40’s. Can you tell me what shape his face was: Thin, round, oval, or Square?

Anna: His face was long and thin, I think.

Sketch artist: Were his eyes more round, Bulging, or Squinty?

Anna: Well, I think they were round, but not too round, and he had Bushy eyebrows. He also had a Pointed nose, not a Hooked one.

Sketch artist: Take at look at this so far. Is this right?

Anna: His nose in the sketch is a little too Turned up. It was more straight.

Sketch artist: What about his ears? Were they big or small? And his mouth? Did he have thin or thick Lips?

Anna: His ears were average size and they didn’t Stick out too much. His lips were more thin than thick.

Sketch artist: We’re almost done. What about his hair? Did he have long or short hair?

Anna: Oh, didn’t I tell you? He’s Bald.

Sketch artist: Okay, then. I’m done. What do you think? Is this the guy?

Anna: Wow, you’ve done a great job. Yeah, that’s him. That’s the guy who stole my Wallet.

Sketch artist: You know, he looks familiar. I have a feeling I’ve seen him before.

Anna: I hope so. Maybe you can help find him.

Sketch artist: Yeah, now if only I could remember where I’ve seen him before…

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Describing Facial Features