Parts of the Body

Sonia: What in the world is that?!

Nadir: It’s a Life-size figure of George Washington. It’s for Leon’s school project.

Sonia: Then why are you making it?

Nadir: I’m not. I’m just helping him.

Sonia: Uh-huh. Why does George Washington have really big Hands and flat Palms?

Nadir: He cut down the family’s cherry tree. Remember? He probably needed big hands to do that.

Sonia: And why does he have little tiny Feet with six Toes on each foot and no Ankles?

Nadir: I made a little mistake with those, but they’ll be covered up with shoes, so no one will see them.

Sonia: And why is George’s Head shaped like an egg? His Ears are Lopsided and his Earlobes are Disproportionate to his other Facial features.

Nadir: That’s why I made the Forehead and Chin bigger, so no one will notice those ears. We’ll probably put a hat on him anyway.

Sonia: But his Legs look really thin on top and thick on the bottom, with Kneecaps that stick out.

Nadir: I’ll put pants on him, so no one will see those either.

Sonia: So it won’t matter if he’s not Anatomically correct, right?

Nadir: Right.

Sonia: Good thing this isn’t for science class!

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