Appearance: Parts of the Face – Внешность

People who can’t hear often learn to understand a spoken language with their eyes. They watch the mouth of the person talking and follow the movement of his lips. This is called lip-reading.

Some people think the distance between your hair and your eyebrows is a sign of how you are intelligent. The bigger your forehead is, the more intelligent you are supposed to be.

Nowadays, a person who doesn’t like his or her nose can have it changed with plastic surgery. Plastic surgeons can change your face in many other ways too. They can make your cheeks a little rounder. If you don’t like your chin, a plastic surgeon can re-make your jaw and change the whole lower half of your face. If you think your skin looks too old and wrinkled, he can take the wrinkles away and make you look twenty years younger.

Women often disagree about men having beards and moustache. B ut some women think that hair on a man’s chin makes him look more attractive.

Usually, only women wear make-up. They are lucky. They can put a little black mascara on their eyelashes and some eyeshadow on their eyelids, and look fresh and attractive, even when they are really tired.

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Appearance: Parts of the Face – Внешность