Appearance: Legs and Feet – Внешность: ноги и ступни

At the hospital, Bill took off his sock and pulled his trouser leg up over his knee onto his thigh. The doctor looked down at the injured foot, which was already getting bigger and changing colour.

“Hm. Nasty accident,” he said. “What happened?”

“A skier smashed into my foot,” explained Bill.

“Oh, dear. Very nasty. Well, let’s see what’s wrong, shall we?”

The doctor gently picked up Bill’s foot, and taking the heel in the palm of his-left hand, he slowly moved the toes, testing each one. The big toe looked the worst. The toenail was badly broken and it was bleeding a little. Then, putting his right hand under Bill’s calf and still holding the heel in his left hand, he moved the foot gently from side to side.

“Does your ankle hurt when I do that?” asked the doctor. “Not too much,” Bill answered.

The doctor looked up. “Good. Well, Mr Harvey, you are very lucky. Nothing is broken and you should be fine again in a few days”.

“Will I be able to ski then?” asked Bill.

“Oh, yes. Of course you will,” answered the doctor. “That’s good.” said Bill, “because I don’t know how to ski now!”

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Appearance: Legs and Feet – Внешность: ноги и ступни