Describing People’s Voices

Adriana: Shhh, I’m trying to listen to the radio.

Ralph: How can you listen to that radio station? All of their Deejays have such funny voices.

Adriana: That’s precisely why I like it. Take this guy, Kevin. He has a Deep, Husky voice that I find really Sexy.

Ralph: This guy? His voice is so Monotone that it Lulls me to sleep every time I hear it.

Adriana: Well, if you don’t like his voice, how about his Sidekick, Lisa May? Her voice is Music to my ears.

Ralph: She has a nice Lilt in her voice, but it’s so High-pitched and Squeaky. It can really be Grating to listen to her for more than a few minutes.

Adriana: Okay, if you don’t like their voices, what kind of voices do you like?

Ralph: I like a Gravelly voice, speaking softly and saying…

Adriana: I’m not talking about your Fantasies. I don’t want to know anything about those!

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Describing People’s Voices