Eating Genetically Modified Foods

Ralph: What’s that?

Nicky: It’s a bigger and better tomato. It’s been Genetically modified.

Ralph: You’re not going to eat that, are you?

Nicky: Of course I am. I’m making a salad. Want one?

Ralph: No way. I don’t want to eat something that’s been Genetically engineered in a Laboratory. Who knows what kind of strange DNA it has.

Nicky: It’s perfectly safe. It’s been modified to grow faster, have more Nutrients, and be Resistant to Disease and Pests.

Ralph: And it may contain strange Mutations as part of its Genetic makeup that they didn’t tell you about. I really wouldn’t eat that if I were you.

Nicky: Where did you get this Aversion to genetically modified foods? Scientists and farmers have always used Selective breeding with animals and crops to bring you bigger and better food. This is nothing different.

Ralph: Of course it is. And just because it’s bigger, doesn’t mean it’s better. I’ll eat food that’s been modified by the only person I Trust.

Nicky: Who’s that?

Ralph: Mother Nature!

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Eating Genetically Modified Foods