Eating Spicy Foods

Akim: Oh, this is so good! Why are your Eyes watering?

Wendy: It’s so Spicy! When you invited me over for Curry, I didn’t know it’d be so hot.

Akim: This is Mild or maybe Medium. I make another version of this that’s much hotter. In fact, I like mine with some extra Peppers and some Hot sauce. Do you want any?

Wendy: Are you kidding me?! The Roof of my mouth is On fire.

Akim: You must have very sensitive Taste buds. This has A little kick to it and it’s Pungent and Zesty, but it’s not too spicy.

Wendy: You must have no taste buds at all if you think this is mild. My mouth needs To cool down from all that Heat. I need more water – now!

Akim: All right, but you don’t want To fill up on water. I’ve made a special Dessert.

Wendy: Is that supposed to be mild, too?

Akim: No, that really is spicy!

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