Buying Computer Accessories

Ginger: It’s really nice of you to come with me to buy my computer. This is the Desktop I’m thinking about.

Kevin: This is okay, but if I were you, I’d buy a Laptop. It’s more Versatile. You can travel with it.

Ginger: I’m not sure about getting a laptop. The Screen is so small.

Kevin: No problem. You can get a separate Monitor. This is a good one. You just need a Connector and a Cable To hook it up to your laptop. Here’s a Monitor stand, too, so you can Elevate it if you want to.

Ginger: The Speakers on the laptop aren’t very loud.

Kevin: You can get these great speakers. You Plug them into your laptop and the sound is amazing.

Ginger: I’m not sure about the Battery.

Kevin: It comes with a battery that lasts three to five hours, but you can always buy a Spare. Of course, it comes with a Power cord, too, so you can just plug it in if your battery runs low.

Ginger: The Keyboard is a little Cramped, too.

Kevin: That’s what a full-size keyboard is for. You can buy a separate keyboard and Mouse and attach them to your laptop. It’ll be just like having a desktop.

Ginger: Then why don’t I just buy a desktop?

Kevin: If you do, you won’t be able to buy all of these great Accessories. That’s half the fun of buying a new computer!

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Buying Computer Accessories