Preparing for a Disaster

Lilly: Quick, we need to go get some supplies. I was listening to Talk radio on my way home from work and this guy was on talking about how Doomsday is coming and we need to prepare.

Paul: Oh no, not this again. You have to stop listening to that Garbage on the radio. Listen, there is no Impending doom and this guy was just Crying wolf.

Lilly: No, he wasn’t. He had Proof that the world is going to end soon and he was Sounding the alarm. Those people killed in the storm last week? They were the Canaries in the coal mine. Disaster is coming!

Paul: Let me be the Voice of reason for a minute. How many times have you believed that the world was ending in the past few years?

Lilly: A few times, but this is fOr real. There’ll be a Disruption of services, A run on food and water, and Chaos!

Paul: Let me ask you this: if the world is ending, aren’t we all just going to die?

Lilly: Not if you have an Underground bunker. Start Digging!

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