Briton Is Kin of Stone Age ‘Cheddar Man’

LONDON – After he was killed by a blow to the face about 9,000 years ago, the 23-year-old hunter was laid to rest in a limestone cave in what is now southwestern England.

Now, say scientists astonishingly bridging 90 centuries and 300 generations, they have found a direct descendant of the Stone Age man.

He lives half a mile from the burial site and teaches history.

“I’ve been in the cave a few times, but I never realized it was home,” 42-year-old Adrian Targett told The Times on Saturday, still good-naturedly coming to terms with astonishment-and an unexpected instant of fame.

What started as part of a local television special about archeology is ending as the second nudge at the frontiers of science by British researchers in as many weeks.

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