Scuba Dive/Tux

Explanation: How many times has James Bond or some other big-screen spy hopped into a tuxedo, taken a scuba dive and then arrived at a cocktail party looking fresh as a daisy? Enough times for a viewer to ask MythBusters Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage to test whether the confines of a scuba suit can really keep a tux looking crisp and dry.

For the sake of science, Jamie first slipped on a penguin suit and then zipped into a dry suit. Astonishingly, after he emerged from his scuba dive and removed his underwater apparel, the tuxedo didn’t bear a single water droplet or wrinkle.

Although a lot of spy movie antics are impossible to pull off, the MythBusters confirmed that you can indeed scuba dive to a black tie event without mussing up the tux.

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