Finding Emerging Markets

Jamie: If our company is going to grow, we need to find Emerging markets. It makes sense To get a foothold in a few countries that may have Developed markets within the next 20 years.

Nina: But there’s no Guarantee that Rapid growth in a country’s Economy now will be Sustainable years from now. I think it’s too much of a Gamble myself.

Jamie: There are certainly no guarantees, but by the time it all Shakes out and it’s clear which markets are the most Promising, we will have Missed the boat.

Nina: So what are you suggesting? Should we pick one or two markets To invest in, or Hedge our bets and invest in several?

Jamie: I think we should identify the countries that have shown strong economic growth in the past 10 years and focus on those.

Nina: I still think it may be too risky, but I’m willing to consider the idea. Work up a Proposal and I’ll look at it.

Jamie: You will? This is great. I didn’t think you’d be so Receptive.

Nina: I’m not making any promises, but I’ll keep an open mind. Just make it Short and sweet.

Jamie: Short and sweet Is my middle name!

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