Losing a Passport While Traveling

Nina: Oh, my God! I can’t find my Passport. I never should have put it in my purse. I’m sure a Pickpocket took it.

Serge: Calm down. Maybe you just Misplaced it. Let’s Turn out all of your pockets and search for it before we Panic.

Nina: I know it’s gone. I know it! Flag down the police. We have To file a police report.

Serge: If your passport has been stolen, we need to find the U. S. Embassy.

Nina: We’re supposed to continue on to the next country on our tour tomorrow. We’re going to get Left behind!

Serge: Let’s not Get ahead of ourselves. If we need to find a U. S. embassy and apply for a Temporary passport, we’ll do that.

Nina: It’s Saturday! We won’t get any help at the embassy until Monday. We’ll be Stuck here.

Serge: It’ll Take as long as it takes. Now, let’s search through all of your Belongings before we do anything else.

Nina: I just thought of something.

Serge: What?

Nina: I think I may have left it in the hotel room.

Serge: You think you may have left it in the hotel room.

Nina: Isn’t that good news? All that worry For nothing.

Serge: Let’s not Count our chickens. You might have another Inspiration.

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