Traveling for Singles

Ray: I have a great idea for your next vacation. You should go on a Singles cruise.

Samantha: I’m not going on a singles cruise. Everybody will be On the make.

Ray: That’s the point, isn’t it? You can Take your pick of single guys. What could be better?

Samantha: I’m not interested in having a Fling!

Ray: You’ll never meet anybody if you don’t get out there and Mingle. Look, here’s a 10-day Tour through Asia and the tour company will even Match you with someone before the trip. You can use the time on the tour To get better acquainted.

Samantha: That sounds awful. What if I don’t like the person I’m matched with? I’m Stuck with him for 10 days, and we’ll both be miserable.

Ray: Okay, here’s something you’ll like – a single’s Adventure vacation. You can enjoy The great outdoors, while you get to know the single guys on the tour. The Worst case scenario is that you don’t meet a guy you like. You’ll still have a great vacation. What do you have to lose?

Samantha: My Peace of mind! Okay, you’re my brother, and you’re trying To look out for me, but leave me alone and stop trying To marry me off. I’m happy being single. Can’t you get that through your thick skull?

Ray: Sure, you’re happy. That’s why you’re always such a Ray of sunshine!

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Traveling for Singles