Traveling Over the Holidays

Sabrina: You look like you’re getting ready for Battle.

Ying: In a way, I am. I’m flying home next week to be with my family over the holidays and you know what Holiday travel is like.

Sabrina: I’ve flown during Peak travel season before, and now, I try to avoid it At all costs.

Ying: Well, I can’t this year, so I’m Arming myself for the experience. I Booked my Flights back in September and I have my Seat assignment. I’ll print out my Boarding passes before I head for the airport, and I’ll keep checking the Flight status to make sure the flight is on time.

Sabrina: I hope you don’t have any Tight connections.

Ying: I Change planes in Chicago, but I have two hours in between flights. I’m hoping that’ll be enough.

Sabrina: What’s in that huge bag?

Ying: Those are my supplies. If I get Snowed in or if my flight gets Cancelled, I’m ready to spend the night in the airport.

Sabrina: Wow, you really Thought this out. You’re ready for the Worst-case scenario.

Ying: Forewarned and forearmed. You won’t Catch me napping!

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