Traveling by Light Rail

Jean: Look out!

Gordon: Don’t worry. That’s just a Light rail train. The new light rail system shares the road with Street traffic.

Jean: Phew! For a second there I thought we were going To collide with it.

Gordon: Didn’t you see the Operator seated at the front of the train? She Watches out for other drivers.

Jean: I didn’t know they have operators. I thought they were Automatic.

Gordon: No, they’re not like some forms of Rapid transit.

Jean: I see now that they ride on Tracks and are Powered by overhead electric lines.

Gordon: That’s right.

Jean: I’d like to give light rail a try.

Gordon: Really? Well, There’s no time like the present. I’ll take you to the nearest Stop. There’s the Platform over there.

Jean: But I thought you agreed to give me a ride into the city.

Gordon: And Deprive you of a new travel experience? Never!

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Traveling by Light Rail