Poor Road Conditions

Alice: I’m really glad I let you talk me into going for a bike ride. It’s been years since I’ve been on a Bicycle.

Sam: This is the only way to travel. You get to really see the Scenery and enjoy the fresh air.

Alice: Hey, watch out! You almost dropped into that huge pothole. This Asphalt is Cracked and the road is all Bumpy.

Sam: Thanks for the warning. Yeah, this asphalt really needs to be repaired. I’d ride on the Gravel path instead, but it’s full of Ruts. Oh, slow down! There’s a big Dip ahead.

Alice: Whoa! I didn’t see that coming. I almost Lost control on that Slippery section of road. Sorry, I nearly Swerved into you. Are you okay?

Sam: Yeah, I’m fine. When I suggested this route, I was sure it would be an easy ride since it’s Paved all the way. I didn’t Bargain for these lousy Road conditions.

Alice: We’ll just have to keep our eyes open and be thankful for these Crash helmets!

Sam: You won’t blame me if you Go flying, will you?

Alice: Not if you Break my fall.

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