Unsafe Factory Conditions

Kathy Lee: You won’t find any problems in your Inspection of our Factory.

Rashed: I’m glad to hear that. Where do these stairs lead?

Kathy Lee: It’s just a level for storage. You don’t need to see that.

Rashed: I need to inspect every part of this factory. Please step aside.

Kathy Lee: If you insist.

Rashed: You have people working on this floor and it’s not Structurally sound, and certainly not intended for Heavy manufacturing. This attic was never meant for Industrial use.

Kathy Lee: It’s only temporary…

Rashed: There are no Fire escapes, Fire extinguishers, or Emergency exits.

Kathy Lee: Well, I…

Rashed: None of the workers are wearing Protective clothing and I see signs of Child labor.

Kathy Lee: No, no, no, I wouldn’t hire anyone Underage.

Rashed: I am ordering an immediate Shutdown of this factory due to Flagrant violations of Building code and Labor laws.

Kathy Lee: But you can’t do that! We have orders to fill.

Rashed: Not when this building is in danger of Imminent collapse.

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