Washing the Car

I was driving down the road when I saw a group of teenagers Holding up signs for a Fundraising car wash for their school. My car was very dirty, so I pulled over and paid for a car wash and a Wax.

I think that the students had more Enthusiasm than car washing skills. Yes, they had Hoses, Buckets filled with Soapy water, and Sponges, but they seemed more interested in getting each other wet than in getting the Dirt off the car. I kept wanting to jump up and say, “Hey, you Missed a spot!” but I didn’t.

After washing the car, they Rinsed it and dried it with Towels. They also Vacuumed the Interior and washed the windows. At least the windows were Spotless. Finally, they waxed and Polished the car, and were finished.

I went over To inspect the washed car. All I can say is I’m glad this was a fundraiser to support their school. If these students do as well in their classes as they did on my car, they need all the education they can get!

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