A Brainstorming Session

Judy: I’ve Called this meeting so we can Brainstorm some Fundraising ideas. As you know, we’re In danger of closing. Any thoughts?

Stan: I thought that Juan was Working on getting Donors.

Judy: He is, but we can’t count on that Coming through.

Dominique: How much do we need to raise? What’s a ballpark figure?

Judy: We need at least $50,000 for next year.

Dominique: That’s a lot of money, but I think we’ll come up with something. How about a Benefit performance?

Stan: That Sounds promising. Who can we get to perform?

Judy: It would be great to get someone like Barry Manilow.

Dominique: I think we’re Shooting too high. I was thinking more like a local band or comedy group.

Stan: I’ve got it. My brother works for The Improv. He knows a lot of Comedians from this area. Maybe we can get a few of them to perform.

Dominique: That would be great.
Judy: I like how this is Shaping up. We’re out of time, but let’s meet again on Friday To hammer out the details. Thanks everybody.

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