Getting Political Support

Helen: Okay, your schedule today is very busy. First, you’re meeting with a group of Constituents concerned about the environment. Then, you’re speaking to a group of factory workers. At noon, you’ll be having lunch with a group of High-power donors.

Mikhail: When I Signed on as a candidate, I had no idea I’d have To pander to every group out there to gain their support.

Helen: Don’t think of it as pandering. Think of it as Rallying the troops. People in this state need a leader and you’re their Great white hope.

Mikhail: I decided To run because I wanted to be a Voice of reason in the Partisan bickering. I didn’t sign on to be a Poster boy for my Political party.

Helen: You can Make a difference when you get Elected, but First things first: you need to get elected. Ready to go?

Mikhail: What happened to the Good old days when all you had to do was a little Gerrymandering to get elected?

Helen: I’m glad you brought that up. Your meeting with the committee on Redistricting is this afternoon at 2:00.

Mikhail: I’m sorry I asked!

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