Selecting a Health Insurance Plan

Mikhail: What’s all this?

Carol: It’s Open enrollment at my company and I’m thinking of Switching health plans. I have an HMO right now and I’m thinking of switching to a PPO. That way, I can see doctors outside of my current Network and still be covered.

Mikhail: I’m so glad I don’t have to worry about things like that. I’m still a Dependent on my mother’s plan, at least for another year.

Carol: Lucky you. Look at all of this Literature! How am I supposed To make heads or tails of this to compare one plan with another?

Mikhail: Wow, yeah, that’s really confusing.

Carol: Tell me about it. I want to know if these new plans have Coverage for my Pre-existing conditions and Prescription drugs, and if not, what the Out-of-pocket costs would be.

Mikhail: Don’t look at me.

Carol: And how am I supposed to figure out what my Copay and Deductible would be?

Mikhail: You’re on your own on this one. It’s all Greek to me!

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