Selecting Window Treatments

[doorbell rings]

Otto: Hi, I’m Otto from Windows-R-Us. I’m here to show you the Window treatment options we offer and to take Measurements for Installation if you decide to order from our store.

Jean: Hi, Otto. I’m Jean. Come on in. I want to get some new window treatments for the living room. Can you show me what you have?

Otto: Sure. For the living room, I would recommend these beautiful wooden Shutters. Opening the Slats allows light To filter in and closing them Blocks light and gives you privacy.

Jean: They’re nice, but I think they may be a little too expensive for me.

Otto: In that case, you might like Blinds, Mini blinds or Vertical blinds. They have the same function as shutters At a fraction of the price.

Jean: Those are still a little bit Pricey. Are there any other options?

Otto: Well, you could go with Curtains. You can choose the type of Curtain rods that match your Decor and any kind of Fabric. With a Valance, they would look very nice.

Jean: Nice fabric could cost a lot of money. Any other suggestions?

Otto: Do you have a bed sheet?

Jean: Yes.

Otto: Nail it over your window and Call it a day. Have a nice day, ma’am.

[door slams]

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