Using a Map Program

Caroline: I just got an email from Sandra with her new Address. I wish I knew what kind of neighborhood our daughter is living in.

Bryce: Let’s find out. I’ll Type in her address on this Map program.

Caroline: That will just tell us where she’s living within the city, not what kind of neighborhood it is.

Bryce: Just wait. I can show you the Street view of her apartment and you can see what her building looks like.

Caroline: Wow, that’s amazing, but doesn’t the building look a little Run-down?

Bryce: That’s what you get with High-resolution images. You see every Detail. You can Navigate around and see a Panoramic view of her street.

Caroline: Oh, that doesn’t look very clean or safe.

Bryce: Let me show you an Aerial view. The Satellite view will give you a better idea of the entire area.

Caroline: Is that an airport nearby and are those Factories? What will this other view show us?

Bryce: That provides Real-time traffic information and allows for Route planning. It looks like she lives on a highly Congested street. Hey, where are you going?

Caroline: I’m going to visit our daughter. I want to see for myself what kind of Hovel she’s living in!

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Using a Map Program