An Unwelcome Business in the Neighborhood

Patricia: Finally! That empty building has a new Tenant. That’s great for the neighborhood.

Francois: Think again. The new tenant plans to open a Strip club.

Patricia: A strip club in the middle of a Residential neighborhood?! That must be a Violation of city Ordinances. The city won’t allow that.

Francois: I’m not so sure. The tenant has already started moving in and there is no sign that the city is going take action.

Patricia: Then we have to do something to let the city know that we Object to a strip club going into that space.

Francois: Good luck getting the city to do anything, much less file an Injunction. The mayor is very Pro-business and it won’t look good if he tries To shut down any business that could bring Revenue and jobs to this dying town.

Patricia: But at what cost? Our kids will have to walk past the strip club every day to and from school. That’s outrageous!

Francois: I suggest Channeling that energy into action. If we Make a stink and get Media coverage, maybe we’ll get some action.

Patricia: Good idea. How can we get the local media to cover a neighborhood Protest?

Francois: How about Nude picketing?

Patricia: I think that would send the wrong message.

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