Playing a Practical Joke

Patricia: What are you doing?

Luis: I’m setting up a Practical joke for Bobby. I Can’t wait to see the look on his face when he walks outside and finds his bike In pieces. It’ll be the best Prank ever!

Patricia: You’re not really going to take apart his bike, are you?

Luis: I’ll Let you in on the joke. He’ll just be looking at Spare parts. I’ve hidden his bike in the garage.

Patricia: He’s really going To freak out when he thinks that you’ve run over his bike with the car, though. I think this is more Cruel than Mischievous.

Luis: Lighten up! When he realizes he’s the Butt of the joke, he’ll think it’s Hilarious, trust me.

Patricia: Couldn’t you just play some other kind of practical joke, maybe with a Whoopee cushion?

Luis: A whoopee cushion? That’s Child’s play. This practical joke is Worthy of a master prankster!

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