Playing in a Tournament

Irene: How is your team doing in the Standings?

Kent: They’re Seeded sixth and they’re In a bracket with one of the best teams in the Tournament. Our team has already lost to them.

Irene: I thought it was a Double-elimination tournament.

Kent: It is. That’s the only reason they’re not Out of contention for the Title.

Irene: Why did the organizers get rid of the Round-robin rounds?

Kent: I think it’s because they wanted to cut down on the number of games overall. I’m not sure.

Irene: Your team is the Defending champion. What happened this year? Why aren’t they Ranked higher?

Kent: They didn’t have a very good Season. There were a lot of Injuries, and as the coach, I had some run ins with a couple of the new players. Let’s just say we had some Clashes in personality.

Irene: Isn’t there a game this afternoon?

Kent: Yeah, but I have to feed my team first. They won’t play until they get what they want.

Irene: What do they want?

Kent: Ice cream. Who knew six-year-olds could be so Demanding?

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Playing in a Tournament