Farming and Agribusiness

Brad: Is this your first visit to this area?

Irene: It is and I’m surprised to see so many farms. I thought farming was a Dying industry.

Brad: Family farms and Small-scale farming are disappearing, but Agribusiness is Alive and well, thanks to Government subsidies.

Irene: Are they Lucrative?

Brad: They can be, but the subsidies were originally given to protect the Livelihood of farmers.

Irene: And that’s not what’s happening?

Brad: Well, agribusiness has Edged out small-scale farms because Output is The name of the game. A lot of small-scale farmers have Thrown in the towel.

Irene: That’s a shame, but the subsidies are still used to protect Domestic food production, right?

Brad: That may be, but we’re losing A way of life. I Come from a long line of farmers.

Irene: And you’re not farming?

Brad: Nope.

Irene: What do you do?

Brad: I work for the government agency that gives out subsidies to the Very farms that put us out of business.

Irene: That’s quite a Twist of fate.

Brad: You said it.

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