Having a Slumber Party

Russ: Mom says you’re having a Slumber party next Saturday.

Irene: I’m just having a few friends over for a Sleepover and it’s None of your business.

Russ: Don’t be like that. How many people did you invite?

Irene: I’m not telling you anything. I know what you’re thinking. You want To pull pranks on us.

Russ: No, I don’t. I just want to know how many Giggling girls in Sleeping bags I’ll have to step over to get to the kitchen.

Irene: You’re not going To get anything out of me. I can See right through you.

Russ: Are you going to wear your Pajamas with feet?

Irene: Don’t be stupid! I haven’t worn those since I was six!

Russ: Can I be part of the Pillow fight?

Irene: No way! You’re not invited!

Russ: But you’re going To stay up all night and watch movies, aren’t you? I want to do that, too.

Irene: You’d better stop Teasing me or I’m going to tell Mom.

Russ: I’m not doing anything. I’m only trying to help you plan your party.

Irene: Right! You want to help me? It’s more like you want to Wreck my party.

Russ: Ah, you’ve Hurt my feelings.

Irene: I doubt it. Now leave me alone!

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