Having Breathing Problems

Russ: Why are you Wheezing like that?

Cheryl: I’m not wheezing. I’m just a little Short of breath. My Lungs feel like they’ve Closed up.

Russ: Maybe you should Get that checked out. You could have Asthma.

Cheryl: Do you really think so? My Nasal passages have been Stopped up, so I just thought I had a bad cold. My Sinuses hurt, too.

Russ: I’m not a doctor, but you may have something more serious, maybe Bronchitis or Pneumonia. You need a Chest x-ray or something.

Cheryl: Wow, so this could be something really serious?

Russ: Why do you sound hopeful that you have a serious condition?

Cheryl: I’m not. That would be stupid.

Russ: And yet, you sounded Positively giddy that you might be Laid up for a couple of weeks. Does this have anything to do with your Upcoming business trip to Abrahamville?

Cheryl: If you had to go to Abrahamville, wouldn’t you wish for an Out, too – any out?

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