Значение идиомы check out

[check out] {v.} 1a. To pay your hotel bill and leave.

The last guests checked out of their rooms in the morning.

Contrast: CHECK IN.

1b. {informal} To go away; leave.

I hoped our guest would stay but he had to check out before Monday.

Compare: CHECK IN.

2a. To make a list or record of.

They checked out all the goods in the store.

2b. To give or lend and make a record of it.

The boss checked out the tools to the workmen as they came to work.

2c. To get after a record has been made of it.

I checked out a book from the library.

3. {informal} To test.

The mechanic checked out the car battery.

“He checked out from the motel at nine,” said the detective, “then he checked out the air in the car tires and his list of local clients.”

4. {slang} To die.

He seemed too young to check out.

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Значение идиомы check out