Значение идиомы put off

[put off] {v.} 1. {informal} To cause confusion in; embarrass;displease.

I was rather put off by the shamelessness of hisproposal.

The man’s slovenliness put me off.

2. To wait and have at a later time; postpone.

They put off the picnicbecause of the rain.

3. To make wait; turn aside.

Whenhe asked her to name a day for their wedding, she put him off.

When the bill collector called, Mrs. Smith managed to put him off.

4. To draw away the attention; turn aside; distract.

Little Jeanniebegan to tell the guests some family secrets, but Father was able toput her off.

5. To move out to sea; leave shore.

They put off insmall boats to meet the coming ship.

Syn.: PUT OUT.

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