Suffering from Allergies

Victor: Oh, doctor, you’ve got to help me!

Doctor: Try to relax. What seems to be the problem?

Victor: I’m Sneezing all the time, and my eyes are Itchy and Watery.

Doctor: Tilt your head back so I can take a look at your Nasal passages. You’re very congested.

Victor: My Sinuses are killing me! I have headaches all the time and nothing I do seems to help.

Doctor: What is this on your skin?

Victor: I don’t know. I’ve had red Spots all over my body.

Doctor: They look like Hives to me. Are you experiencing any Shortness of breath?

Victor: Well, my chest feels Constricted and it’s hard to Breathe.

Doctor: I think you may be experiencing a Severe allergy attack. I’m going To refer you to an Allergist. What were you doing right before you started experiencing these symptoms?

Victor: I started my first job.

Doctor: That could be your problem.

Victor: I knew it! I’m Allergic to work!

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