Types of Allergies

Bert: Doctor, Give it to me straight. Is my Medical condition serious?

Doctor: I suspect that your Rashes and other symptoms are the result of Allergies.

Bert: Allergies?! I thought I had some kind of serious Disease.

Doctor: Allergies can be serious. I’m going to give you tests to see what you’re allergic to.

Bert: You mean I might have allergies to more than one thing?

Doctor: There are many kinds of allergies. Some people have Food allergies and have Adverse reactions when they Ingest or even come near some types of food.

Bert: That sounds terrible. I hope I don’t have food allergies. I would have To restrict my diet.

Doctor: Other people have Seasonal allergies to Pollen from trees, grasses, and weeds.

Bert: That would mean I couldn’t do some types of outdoor activities.

Doctor: Many people are allergic to pets, most commonly cat or dog Dander.

Bert: Oh no, I’d have to get rid of my three cats or dog!

Doctor: You might also be allergic to Dust mites, Insect bites, or even Mold spores in your home.

Bert: You mean I might have to move out of my house?

Doctor: If mold is Detected in your home, you might need to move out temporarily while the mold is removed.

Bert: Are you sure I don’t have some kind of disease? I think I’d prefer that to allergies!

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