Getting a Second Opinion

Greg: Where are you going?

Anne: I’m going to see another doctor to get a Second opinion. My doctor Diagnosed me with a serious Medical condition and I don’t want To take it at face value.

Greg: You’re Second-guessing your doctor?

Anne: No, I just want to make sure he’s right. He’s also recommending a Conservative treatment for this condition, and if I really have it, I want to be more Aggressive.

Greg: Doesn’t your doctor mind that you’re getting a second opinion?

Anne: No, he even gave me a recommendation for another Specialist.

Greg: What’s all of that?

Anne: This is a complete set of my Records along with my Test results. I’m hoping he’ll have a Fresh perspective when he looks at all of it and my Patient history.

Greg: What are you hoping he’ll find?

Anne: The Best-case scenario is that he’ll find that my doctor was wrong and that I don’t really have this condition.

Greg: If he tells you that, wouldn’t you be Dubious? You’ll have one doctor telling you that you have it and one telling you that you don’t.

Anne: Then, it would be time for a third opinion.

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Getting a Second Opinion