Scheduling a Medical Appointment

I needed to make an Appointment with a doctor so I called my Health plan‘s phone number for new Patients. Before I could schedule my appointment, I had to listen to several recorded messages to be Routed to the right medical office. The recording said to Stay on the line for assistance.

Clerk: Hello, Western Medical Group.

Damien: Hello, I’d like to make an appointment with Dr. Gupta.

Clerk: Are you a new patient or a Returning patient?

Damien: I’m a new patient.

Clerk: Who Referred you to Dr. Gupta?

Damien: No one. One of the Health benefits of my plan is that I can Self-refer to some Specialists.

Clerk: What is the name of your plan and your Medical record number?

Damien: It’s Waiser and my medical record number is 23456789.

Clerk: It looks like Dr. Gupta is Booked up for the next three weeks. She has an Opening on March 2nd, at 4:30 p. m.

Damien: I was hoping to get an early morning appointment.

Clerk: The next morning appointment won’t be until March 18th, at 11:00. You’ll need to Check in at 10:45 to fill out Paperwork. Should I Put you down for that?

Damien: Is it possible to get an even earlier appointment?

Clerk: Dr. Gupta doesn’t begin seeing patients until 10:30.

Damien: 10:30? Isn’t that pretty late?

Clerk: Dr. Gupta likes to play golf in the mornings.

Damien: Why do you think I want an early morning appointment? Doesn’t she know that some of her patients prefer late-morning golf?

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