Problems with Drugs and Medical Devices

Suzanne: Don’t take that! I’m reading an article in the newspaper about all of the Drugs and Medical devices that have been Recalled in the past year and you wouldn’t believe how long this list is.

Abdul: I’m just taking something for my headache. I’m sure this Medicine is fine.

Suzanne: Don’t be so sure. I’m just reading about this drug that was Contaminated and before it was recalled, it caused 13 deaths.

Abdul: Contaminated drugs are One in a million. Now can I take my medicine?

Suzanne: Listen to this. Over 400 people had terrible Side effects before this drug was recalled, and a drug recalled six months ago causes Birth defects. Here’s a medical device for people with heart problems that’s Defective and eight people died as a result.

Abdul: Okay, I’ve heard enough.

Suzanne: No, wait, there’s more. You’ve got to see this list of Alerts that the government issued Warning people against Over-the-counter drugs like the one you’re about to take. You’d better check to see if it’s on this list.

Abdul: Don’t be ridiculous. I’ve been taking this for months. If there were something wrong with it, don’t you think the Pharmaceutical company would have taken out full-page ads in the papers?

Suzanne: I doubt it. Do you think they want to encourage Litigation?

Abdul: Here, you Check it against that list. If you find it on there, you can say you’ve saved my life!

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Problems with Drugs and Medical Devices