Assembling Furniture

Armand: Did you know that this Nightstand required Assembly when you bought it?

Suzanne: The box said that it required simple assembly. I guess what’s simple to them isn’t simple to us.

Armand: You can say that again. These instructions aren’t in English, there are no Diagrams showing how the parts Fit together, and we seem to be missing Parts. I also question the quality. It’s mainly made of Particleboard and Plywood. Do you think we should return it?

Suzanne: No, let’s just keep it and do the best we can.

Armand: That’s hard to do when there seems to be a Design flaw with the drawers. The pieces don’t fit together as they should. These Nails are also Bent and these Screws look Defective.

Suzanne: It’s not looking good, is it? I also bought this because I thought everything could be assembled using Allen wrenches, but it looks like we’ll actually need a Hammer, Screwdriver, and maybe a Drill.

Armand: Well, let’s see what we can do. If we don’t have the right tools or parts, I have a solution.

Suzanne: What?

Armand: Duct tape.

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Assembling Furniture