Preparing a Speech

Lourdes: I need help.

Valery: Sure, what’s up?

Lourdes: I’m supposed to give a Speech at the start of the conference next month and I don’t know what to do.

Valery: It’s not that hard To plan out a speech. You start with an Attention getter using humor or telling a personal story.

Lourdes: Okay, I guess I can do that.

Valery: After that, in your Introduction, you should tell the audience what your speech is about in a Thesis statement. Along the way, you should Establish your credibility by mentioning why you’re qualified to talk about this topic.

Lourdes: All right.

Valery: Then, in the Body of your speech, you want to state your Main points, using Supporting ideas, giving examples, and maybe using Visuals.

Lourdes: Okay.

Valery: And finally, in the Conclusion, you Restate your main points and make some Closing remarks. Simple, right?

Lourdes: Yeah, simple. One last question.

Valery: Shoot.

Lourdes: What are you doing the morning of June 20th, and how do you feel about Standing in for a coworker who plans to be Deathly ill?

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