Giving a Successful Presentation

Event organizer: Do you hear that? It’s a Packed house and your presentation was A hit. People are Clamoring for more.

Herman: I can’t believe it. I wasn’t expecting that kind of Reception. The audience really seemed to like it.

Event organizer: Like it? They were On the edge of their seats.

Herman: The presentation actually started slowly, but it seemed To gain traction in the middle.

Event organizer: You had the audience Hooked from the start. You Could have heard a pin drop in there when you were going over your Main points. Your presentation is Undoubtedly the Highlight of the conference.

Herman: Thanks. I’m still In shock. Maybe if I Tweaked it a little, I could give this presentation at the national conference.

Event organizer: You’ll have time later to think about that. Right now, you need to get out there for the Q&A. They’re waiting for you.

Herman: But I don’t have anything else to say.

Event organizer: Just get out there. Your Adoring public is waiting for you!

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