Corporate Gift-Giving

Michelle: Why did I get Stuck with buying Corporate gifts for our clients this year? Just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean I’m good at buying gifts.

Rafiq: It’s not because you’re a woman. It’s because you’re the most Junior employee of the company. I had the job three years ago when I started working here.

Michelle: Oh, so you Know the drill. I was thinking of sending Food baskets to McQ Corp.

Rafiq: I wouldn’t advise doing that. We’re Bidding on a new Contract with their company and the gift could be Misconstrued as a Bribe. You’ll want to avoid any appearance of Impropriety.

Michelle: Then I shouldn’t send anything at all?

Rafiq: You could send a Charitable donation in the company’s name. This way, we show our appreciation for their business, and they get recognition for the contribution to a worthy cause, without seeming like we’re trying to influence their decision.

Michelle: That seems like a good way to go. What about the other companies we’re doing business with?

Rafiq: A food basket would be fine for those companies. Just make sure there’s nothing Perishable in them and send a Hand-written note. That adds a nice touch.

Michelle: I was also thinking of sending our smaller clients calendars and t-shirts with our company Logo. What do you think?

Rafiq: I think they’d like Gift certificates to stores or restaurants better.

Michelle: What about a bottle of wine? Wouldn’t that be a good gift?

Rafiq: You never know how a client feels about alcohol, so Stick to Something safer, like the food baskets or gift certificates.

Michelle: You have all the answers. You’re an expert at corporate gift-giving!

Rafiq: Shh, don’t say that too loudly. If the Powers that be hear about it, I might get stuck with the job – Permanently!

Michelle: Your secret is safe with me.

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