Understanding Corporate Structure

Andrea: This Organizational chart is really confusing.

Raffael: Why are you looking at that?

Andrea: I have an interview next week and I’m trying To bone up on the company I’ll be interviewing with. I want to impress them, but this chart is really confusing.

Raffael: Let me see. It’s a simple Flow chart. You have your Board of directors at the top, with the Managing director reporting to them, and then the Executive officers Overseeing major Departments.

Andrea: But I thought managers work below the executive officers.

Raffael: You’re confusing managers with managing directors. The managing director oversees the entire company and managers oversee Daily operations.

Andrea: Oh, I see. So these here are the departments: Accounting, Marketing, Purchasing, Personnel, R & D, sales, and Production.

Raffael: That’s right. Which department are you interviewing for?

Andrea: I think the job is in purchasing.

Raffael: You think? Don’t you think that’s something you should Get straight before you do anything else?

Andrea: You might Have a point there.

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