Understanding Modern Art

Stephan: What’s that?

Livia: It’s my latest Artwork. It’s Experimental.

Stephan: It’s, um…

Livia: Abstract. It’s part of a Performance art piece I’m putting together. It’ll really challenge people’s Perceptions of Reality.

Stephan: I don’t really understand Contemporary art. Is it supposed To represent something?

Livia: It’s my Interpretation of how the rich Oppress the poor.

Stephan: Really?

Livia: Yes, from a Postmodern perspective.

Stephan: Oh, I see.

Livia: You do?

Stephan: No, not really. I don’t think I’m Cut out for modern art. I prefer art to be Representational. I just can’t Wrap my head around this.

Livia: That’s the point. It’s supposed to challenge you and make you think.

Stephan: Well, it’s certainly made me think.

Livia: It has?

Stephan: Yeah, it’s made me realize that I’ve Underrated paint-by-numbers all these years.

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