Jeff: So, does that sound okay with you?

Lucy: What? Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t hear what you said.

Jeff: You seem Preoccupied today. What’s up?

Lucy: Oh, it’s this guy I know from this class I’m taking. His name is Richard. I think I’ve mentioned him before.

Jeff: Yeah, sure, the guy you’re working on a project with. Right?

Lucy: Yeah, that’s him. The four of us are supposed to be Working as a team on this project and I’m having a lot of trouble Dealing with him.

Jeff: What do you mean?

Lucy: Well, he doesn’t know how to express his opinion without Putting other people down. And, he always has to be right.

Jeff: He sounds a little Immature.

Lucy: Yeah, I think it’s partly that. He doesn’t know how to be Diplomatic with people.

Jeff: He doesn’t know how or he doesn’t want to.

Lucy: I don’t know, but I do know that sometimes he really Gets the better of me.

Jeff: Well, he sounds pretty hard to get along with. Are the other people in your group feeling the same way?

Lucy: Yeah, in fact, they’re Fed up with him. I keep having To run interference When our discussions get too Heated. Actually, I Feel really sorry for the guy. He doesn’t seem to have too many friends and he always seems so unhappy.

Jeff: Well, I think you’re helping just by Putting up with him.

Lucy: Thanks for trying to make me feel better. Ok, now what were you saying?

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